marți, 3 ianuarie 2017

Porto Santo Island

Daca drumurile te duc in Madeira, trebuie sa te duca si mai departe pana in Porto Santo. E pacat sa nu o faci, mai ales ca e la o aruncatura de bat.

Porto Santo este o insula mica (12 km lungime, 6 km latime), foarte aproape de Madeira, la cca 50km. Poti ajunge din Madeira cu un ferry (cca 2-3 ore), in 25 de min cu un avion mic (tot din Madeira) sau, daca vrei sa nu ai nici o legatura cu Madeira, sunt zboruri directe (mai mult chartere) din cateva orase mari din Europa (Londra de ex). Da, suna ciudat la cat este de mica, dar da, are chiar si aeroport international. Apartine de Portugalia si o gasesti aruncata undeva in Oc. Atlantic.

A fost descoperita in anul 1418, de catre exploratori Potughezi plecati in cautare de noi teritorii. Se spune ca o furtuna puternica i-a adus la mal pe insula asta mica, iar ei, recunoscatori ca au scapat cu viata, au numit-o Porto Santo (port sfant).

Este foarte interesant cat este de arida si deluroasa toata insula, comparativ cu Madeira, care este foarte stancoasa, foarte verde si foarte aproape. Am inteles de la soferul cu care m-am plimbat, ca nu a fost asa de cand se stie, ba dimpotriva, principala ocupatie a localnicilor a fost pe langa pescuit, agricultura. Insa, de-a lungul anilor, din cauza schimbarilor climatice, a lipsei precipitatiilor si a vanturilor puternice, a ajuns asa cum este astazi, foarte uscata. Multi dintre cei ce se ocupau cu agricultura au fost nevoiti sa-si paraseasca locuintele si terenurile, astfel daca dai o tura de insula, nu ai cum sa nu observi case parasite si terenuri care par ca au avut "stapan" candva. E destul de trist :(

Ce te mai impresioneaza, de data asta in mod placut, este plaja de nisip fin, lunga de 9 km pe care o gasesti aici, care pare din alt film. Multi din cei ce locuiesc in Madeira, obisnuiesc sa-si petreaca vacantele sau wkd-urile aici, atrasi de aceasta plaja. Si nu sunt singurii. Sunt foarte multe case de vacanta si apartamente inchiriate/cumparate de europeni (in special din Germania, Anglia si Tarile Nordice), care vin sa locuiasca aici cu lunile.

Am cateva fotografii, care sper sa-ti faca pofta sa te duci sa vezi cu ochii tai si sa descoperi. Eu sper sa revin cat de curand, intr-una din casutele frumoase care se inchiriaza.


If, by any chance, the roads will take you to Madeira Island, you should go further to Porto Santo Island. It's not far and will worth it. 

Porto Santo is a small island (12 km long, 6 km wide), about 50km far from Madeira. Belongs to Portugal and you can find it somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. You can go there by ferry from Madeira (2-3 hrs), or in a 25 min flight with a small airplane (from Madeira) or if you want to skip Madeira, there are direct flights from several cities in Europe (London, for ex). Yes, as strange as it sounds, there is an international airport on this small island.

It was discovered in 1418 by Portuguese explorers, looking for new territories. It is said that they had to face a storm, when the small piece of land appeared in front of them. They were so happy to have survived, so they named the land Porto Santo (holy port).

It is very interesting how the whole island is so dry and hilly, compared with so close Madeira, which is very rocky and green. I understood from my guide that it was not like this from the beginning. On the contrary, the main occupation of the locals here, besides fishing, was agriculture. But over the years, due to climate change, lack of rainfall and winds, it was changed in what we see today, a dry land. The locals who worked in agriculture were forced to leave their homes and lands, so you can easily see abandoned houses. It's pretty sad :(

What is impressive though, is the fine sand beach, 9 km long, that you'll find here. It seems from another movie. Many of those who live in Madeira, tend to spend their holidays here or the week-ends, attracted by this sandy beach. Like them, a lot of tourists are coming from all over the world. There are many houses and apartments rented / bought by Europeans (especially from Germany, England and the Nordic countries), coming to live here for months.

I have some photos that I hope will make you curious to go and see for yourself. I hope to return soon, in one of the beautiful houses that are for rent.